About Us

Shakers 2015

Left to Right:  Mitch F, Dewey V, Joel F, Brian Q, Mike M, Dave S, Paul F, Jake R.   (Not Pictured – Jake L)

Our Mission Statement:
The West Fargo Shakers are a group of nine individuals from West Fargo, North Dakota that formed a non-profit organization. We throw an annual event to raise money for a non-profit to help raise awareness, making our communities a better place to live.

The WF Shakers were established in 2007.  This group was initially organized with the intent to “shake” up our same old New Years Eve mentality.  The plan was to throw a party and every dollar made (if any) would be donated to charity.  To be honest we thought we would all be contributing financially to just make the event happen.  But the plan caught on that first year, and we have raised over $90,000.00 to date!  We aren’t raising millions of dollars, but what we are doing is getting together with friends and family to raise awareness for local charities that don’t get enought appreciation in our community.  This annual event happens because of you!  Thanks for your support!

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.